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Kit Store Opening Hours

Monday          09:30 - 12.30  13.30 - 16:30

Tuesday         09:30 - 12.30  13.30 - 16:30

Wednesday    09:30 - 12.30  13.30 - 16:30

Thursday        09:30 - 12.30  13.30 - 16:30

Friday             09:30 - 12.30  13.30 - 16:00

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Kit Store

Location: Creative Hub 104


Kit Hire Technician:

Please note: Bookings cannot be made via email


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Welcome to Connect2, your new online booking system!


Update: Please note we no longer provide SD cards for any equipment

Recomended SD cards are 


Photography Technicians:

Media and Journalism Technicians:

Technician Manager


Signing up to Kit Hire

Students must first register on with their University of Northampton login. This will create an account.

Students will then need to go to the Kit Hire at CH104 in the Creative Hub where their student ID card will get scanned and appropriate permissions can be added to their account.

Students will then need to log out and back in, refreshing their account will then allow them to create bookings.


General Kit Hire Information

Students must attend training sessions either during class, in group sessions or in 1 to 1s with a Technical Demonstrator.

If a Student misses a training session, they should contact the Technician Demonstrator associated with their course to arrange a 1 to 1.

Equipment is available for the completion of coursework and assignments, Students completing University work will receive priority; Students may use equipment for personal projects and freelance work BUT if another student needs the equipment for an assignment bookings may be altered.

While using University equipment it is important that you continue to follow the Student Code of Conduct. Breaking this code of conduct may prevent you from being able to use University Equipment.


Booking Equipment

Bookings must be made through 

Bookings should be made a minimum of 24 hours before the collection time, Last minute bookings are not guaranteed.

Bookings cannot be created at the Kit Hire desk or through email. 

However, if students have problems creating a booking please go to Kit Hire CH104 or email where you will be able to receive help with creating a booking.

When booking it is important to include all items needed, such as batteries, tripods, light stands etc. 

Students must only book equipment for their own role. For example, if a responsible for lighting, they should book lighting equipment. If a student is responsible for sound, they should book sound equipment.

Students must only book for themselves and cannot create bookings on behalf of other students.

Students cannot book equipment for anyone outside of the university.

Students cannot use equipment that they have not been trained on.

Bookings must have a completed risk assessment form; Students will not be able to collect their equipment if this is not completed correctly.


Bookings times

Level 4 and 5 students can book equipment for a maximum of 24 hours at a time.

Level 6 students can book equipment for a maximum of 48 hours at a time.

This does not include Saturday and Sunday; all levels can book equipment from Friday until 9.30 Monday morning.


Collecting Equipment

Students must bring their student ID when collecting equipment.

It is important that students show up on time for their bookings, Bookings will remain on the system for a limited time and will automatically be deleted if a student does not show up.

If a Student is going to be late for collecting equipment please contact who will be able to adjust the collection time.

It is important to check equipment before leaving campus, if there are any problems with the booking or equipment speak to Kit hire and they will make any adjustments or replacements necessary.

Equipment must only be collected by the student who has created the booking, Students cannot collect Equipment on someone else’s behalf.


Returning Equipment

Students must return equipment on time; strikes will be added for late returns.

In the case of a late return students should contact kit hire / as soon as possible. Late returns may affect other students, contacting us allows us to make re-arrangements.

Late returns will result in the following sanctions:­

-        Low priority kit – 1 strike – warning

-        Medium priority kit – 2 strikes

-        High priority kit – 3 strikes resulting in a 2 week ban and Programme Leader contacted.

Equipment must be return in the condition it was provided. 

-        XLR cables must be coiled correctly.

-        Lens must be clean with caps and backs on.

-        Tripod baseplates must be taken off cameras and placed back onto tripod.

In the case of equipment being returned in an unacceptable condition a strike may be added.


Damaged or Lost Equipment

Students are responsible for their own booking from the time of collection until the equipment has been returned to Kit Hire.

It is the Students responsibility for the safekeeping of equipment during this time, please do not leave equipment unattended or visible in vehicles etc.

Please report any damages or problems of equipment to a technician.

Students will not be expected to pay for any breakages caused by accidents; however an incident form will be filled in and sent to programme lead and technical manager.

If a student fails to return equipment this will be viewed as theft, an invoice covering the full value of the equipment will be issued.



If a student needs an extension for any equipment booking, please contact Kit Hire



Policies may change, make sure to check the kit hire website and Nile for updates.